Year 2

We have made substantial progress in what will amount to the largest and most comprehensive head-to-head behavioral analysis of stem cell transplanted MPTP-NHPs to date and have identified cell types that show dramatic improvement in this model. Compared to the improvement observed with undifferentiated fetal CNS-derived hNSCs (the stem cell type in used Redmond et al, PNAS, 2007), 3 human stem cell candidates have shown a larger improvement in PS.

Summary of Achievements for this reporting period

• Comprehensive Behavioral data collection of 84 monkeys comprising over 10,000 observation data points
• Statistical analysis of Behavioral data collected to date identifies striking and statistically significant improvements in PS for several stem cell types. (Accordingly, NO-GO (or near NO-GO) cell types have been identified via comparison of levels of improvement or no improvement) [Figure 1]
• DNA samples collected in order to pursue the first ever complete genome sequencing of the Vervet in collaboration with the Washington University Genome Center
• Biochemistry sample processing and data collection of a 2nd large batch of samples completed.