Year 1

Overall, the BIO International Convention is held once a year with approximately 15,000 attendees from 65 countries. BIO 2014 took place on June 23-26, 2014. The attendees at the Convention cover the wide spectrum of life science innovations and application areas.

Specifically within the Convention, there was a a one-day Forum on Regenerative Medicine with five sessions and 23 speakers who are experts in the field. Specific presentations/topics covered:
*Stem Cells and Gene Therapy, a Great but Challenging Marriage
*How International Collaborations is Accelerating the Field
*Stem Cells Delivering Results Today as Models of Disease
*Commercializing a New Therapeutic Modality ~ Case Studies
*Regenerative Medicine Propelling a Paradigm Shift in Medicine and Healthcare Delivery

The key significance of this one day forum is that it addressed topics from a scientific perspective as well as addressed the business perspective and how this relates back to industry companies. The overall BIO convention is unique in that it brings scientists, industry professionals from both biotech and pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists and other investors together in a full conference format that unites the business and the science. To that end, this one day forum on Regenerative Medicine highlighted CIRM’s role in this space in front of an audience of national and international stakeholders.