Year 1

The Stanford Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Symposium, co-sponsored by the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and CIRM, look place on Feb. 28, 2014. The initial objectives of the symposium were to: 1) provide a forum to exchange ideas and discuss the current challenges; to bring thought leaders and distinguished researchers to California to present and discuss approaches for translating cardiac stem cells and cardiovascular regeneration (accelerating the pace for disseminating the latest research findings to faculty, fellows and students in California and the Bay Area); and 3) to stimulate by example and networking new research into the translational application of stem cells for repair and regeneration of diseased hearts and vasculature. Topics covered included: Cell-based Therapy for Cardiac Repair–View from the Clinical Frontline; Cardiovascular Regeneration – Insights from Development; Translational Applications of Stem Cells in Cardiac Repair; and Innovative Strategies for Cardiovascular Regeneration.