Year 1

Our conference was successfully held on January 30, 2014. We had a total of 124 registrants, which included faculty, staff and students from UC Davis, people from many other organizations, and individuals from the community. We received very positive evaluation results for all the questions we asked about the symposium. Our most summative evaluation item we inquired about stated: “My knowledge of the topic area was broadened by the symposium and I am glad I took the time to attend. 62.5% of respondents indicated that they “strongly agree,” 28.13% indicated that they “agree” while 9.38% were neutral. Our survey monkey evaluation is still open so we are hoping to receive more responses still. Thus far, we have received a total of 33 responders to the survey. 14 people who attended indicated that they would like to continue to meet regularly to explore policy and ethical issues related to stem cell research. We most likely will schedule quarterly meetings for this group. We are hoping to publish a manuscript based on the symposium. We also plan to make this an annual series.