Year 1

Our project is focused on developing a new anti-cancer drug that has been shown to effectively block cancer stem cell (CSC) self renewal in a variety of major tumor types. During the reporting period our group made significant advances on several fronts in advancing our novel stem cell directed therapy toward clinical development. In particular, we have associated cancer causing mutations in breast cancer in the molecular target of our therapeutic and shown that tumors bearing this type of mutation are exquisitely sensitive to our treatment. Based on this discovery, we have developed methodologies and reagents to identify patients who are most likely to benefit from treatment with our agent. Thus, this project is an excellent example of how “personalized medicine” is becoming a reality in cancer drug development. Furthermore, our results highlight the promise of targeting inappropriate activation of stem cell pathways as new strategy in cancer treatment.

During the reporting period we have assembled an experienced team of scientists and clinicians at our institution and also at collaborating institutions to execute the pre-clinical and clinical development of our new anti-cancer treatment. We have developed a detailed clinical strategy which involves a close collaboration between academic medical centers and the biotech industry. We have planned a series of clinical trials which will test the safety and efficacy of our anti-cancer drug and also test our hypothesis regarding selecting patients most likely to respond to treatment. This trials will take place at multiple sites including several in California.

In addition, we have made tremendous and tangible progress in advancing our therapeutic toward clinical testing. These steps include the completion of GMP manufacture of the drug for IND-enabling safety studies and for use in subsequent Phase 1 clinical trials and the initiation of IND-enabling safety studies.