Year 1

This project is working to advance a first-in-class, small molecule Wnt pathway activator through IND-enabling and Phase I/II clinical studies for treatment of osteoporotic hip fractures. During this reporting period, quotes were solicited from drug manufacturing companies for the manufacture of the drug compound, a manufacturer was selected and the drug is presently in the GMP manufacturing process. In addition, international thought leaders were identified to act as clinical consultants and with their input the outline of a Phase I/II clinical trial plan was drafted and submitted to the FDA for comment. Beyond that, a pre-IND briefing document was prepared that described the clinical product’s known pharmacology, pharmacokinetic, toxicology and chemical characteristics. After preparing and submitting the clinical plan outline and pre-IND briefing document to the FDA, the team had a successful pre-IND meeting on January 30, 2012. IND filing is proposed for the first half of 2013. Currently, quotes have been requested for contract research organizations (CROs) who offer appropriate preclinical fracture model studies and a decision on the most suitable vendor for the study will be determined shortly.

In addition, the CIRM disease team application detailing known properties of the drug, along with a 4 year development plan and associated budget was drafted and completed during the reporting period.