Year 1

Our scientific progress under our award during this reporting period has included the development of reference samples for Adaptive Optics (AO)microscopy, the quantification of image aberrations using these reference samples using phase-stepping interferometry, the design of a AO wide-field microscope, and the assembly and alignment of the microscope. The reference samples consist of drosophila embryoes with impanted fluorescent beads. The beads will be used as reference beacons for the adaptive optic system. When imaging deeply into tissue, the images become aberrated due to changes in the index of refraction along the imaging path. We have built a phase stepping interferometer and used it to measure these aberrations as a function of depth into the sample. We have used these measurements to design a AO wide-field microscope with adaptive optics to correct the image aberrations we have measured. We have assembled the AO microscope and are now aligning the optical system.