To date this CIRM Training grant has trained 21 PhD qualified and 12 MD qualified scientists in stem cell related topics, ranging from the basic biology of stem cells to translational applications of stem cell therapies across the spectrum of organ malformations and diseases in children as well as in adult health.

Highlights of our success include tissue engineering the intestine, cell based therapies for kidney diseases and lung fibrosis to name but a few. Graduates of this CIRM training program are continuing to work in California (as researchers at CHLA, faculty at USC and positions held at Harbor UCLA, Leica, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, etc.), out-of-state as clinician doctors at New York City & Maryland, and around the world (EMBL Australia and University of Cologne) to discover the properties of stem cells and apply them to new translational treatments for a wide range of organ based regenerative solutions.