We have developed a platform technology that enables Radially Branched Deployment (RBD) of cells to multiple target locations at variable radial distances and depths along the initial brain penetration tract with real-time interventional magnetic resonance image (iMRI) guidance. iMRI-guided RBD functions as an “add-on” to standard neurosurgical and imaging workflows, and procedures can be performed in a commonly available clinical MRI scanner. This new device has been demonstrated to be safe for procedures in large brains and functions at the scale of the human brain. Human embryonic stem cell-derived dopaminergic (hDA) neurons are compatible with the iMRI-guided RBD platform. Thus, iMRI-guided RBD overcomes some of the technical limitations inherent to the use of straight cannulas and standard stereotactic targeting. The device has been licensed to a California-based company, Accurexa, Inc., which is commercializing the technology for clinical use. This platform technology could have a major impact on the clinical translation of a wide range of cell therapeutics for the treatment of many neurological diseases.