Spotlight on Type 1 Diabetes: Seminar by Peter Butler, M.D.

Peter Butler, M.D. spoke at the Spotlight on Juvenile Diabetes, an educational event presented at the CIRM Governing Board meeting on September 25, 2008. Butler summarized normal glucose metabolism, explained how loss of pancreatic beta islet cells leads to diabetes, and presented evidence for beta cell regeneration in adults. Butler is the Director of the Larry Hillblom Islet Research Center at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Butler was introduced by Francisco Prieto, M.D. Dr. Prieto is a member of the CIRM Governing Board and is also President of the Sacramento-Sierra Chapter of the American Diabetes Association.

The CIRM-hosted event was presented at the University of California, San Diego in partnership with Novocell, Inc (now Viacyte).