Spotlight on Stem Cell Advances in Pediatric Heart Disease: A Change of Heart

One percent of live births have heart defects, the leading noninfectious cause of death in the 1st year. Using embryonic stem cell technology, Dr. Deepak Srivastava’s lab has made many insights into understand the genetic networks that control heart development as well the genetic mutations that are involved in heart defects. With these findings in hand, Srivastava’s lab is in a position to perform stem cell-based drug screening as well as bioengineering to develop treatments for heart disease and heart failure.

Dr. Srivastava spoke about his work to the CIRM Governing Board during the public seminar “Spotlight on Stem Cell Advances in Pediatric Heart Disease”. Dr. Srivastava, a CIRM grantee, is director of the Roddenberry Center for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine at The Gladstone Institutes and UCSF.  

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