Caroline Desler – High School Stem Cell Research Intern – Summer 2013, Video Project 2

In this video, I present an overview of the Bradford protein quantification procedure in the lab. Before conducting any kind of protein analysis, i.e. western blotting, it is very important to check for the protein concentrations of each cell sample (in this case, 3 different glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor cell lines). In the video, after adding PBS to each harvested cell pellet, I put the cell solutions through a freeze to thaw process which draws the proteins out of the solution, making them more perceptive to detection when processed in the Spectra Max machine. Once the cell samples are diluted to contain equal amounts of protein, they can be loaded into the western blotting gel for further protein analysis.
Caroline Desler is a Bishop O’Dowd High School student who is doing a stem cell research internship this summer in the laboratory of Julie Saba at the Children’s Hospital of Oakland Research Institute. Her internship is funded by California’s Stem Cell Agency (CIRM) through the CIRM Creativity Awards grant. Visit our Through Their Lens page for photos and more videos from students and grantees.