California Stem Cell Synergy: the 2011 CIRM Grantee Meeting

CIRM hosted its 2011 Grantee Meeting in San Francisco, bringing together the stem cell scientists and trainees that the institute is funding. This leading edge event helps these researchers exchange ideas and increase their knowledge about stem cells biology and supports CIRM’s goal of translating stem cell discoveries into therapies to relieve human suffering from chronic disease and injury.

CIRM thanks the following scientists that appeared in this video (in order of appearance): Mathew Blurton-Jones (UC Irvine), Paula Cannon (USC), Daniel Goff (UCSD), Olga Momcilovic (Buck Institute), Verena Haringer (UCSD), Aynun Begum (Western University of Health Sciences), Karen Aboody (City of Hope), Dennis Clegg (UCSB), Eugene Brandon (Viacyte, Inc.), Rebecca Jorgenson (CIRM), Eric Teasley (Stanford), Pat Olson (CIRM), Jan Nolta (UC Davis), Tomás Egaña (Technische Universität München).