Bringing Stem Cell Cures to the Clinic: UC Davis GMP Facility

In Spring 2008, CIRM gave $272 million for the construction of twelve stem cell research facilities in California. The University of California, Davis was one of the recipients of this Major Facilities grant. Their $20 million award is supporting construction of the new Institute for Regenerative Cures.  This 60,000 sqare foot building will include a state-of-the-art Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility. As required by the FDA, this clean-room laboratory enables researchers to take safe, non-contaminated stem cell-based therapies into clinical trials for patients.

Jan Nolta is the director of the UC Davis stem cell program and Institute for Regenerative Cures. Gerhard Bauer is director of the UC Davis GMP facility and is an assistant professor at the UC Davis school of medicine.