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World Stem Cell Summit
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  • The 2013 World Stem Cell Summit took place in San Diego, California on December 4-6, 2013 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Bernard Siegel of the Genetics Policy Institute was the primary organizer, and directors of regenerative medicine programs served as co-organizers. In the evening of December 3rd, a free public forum was held at the hotel, organized by CIRM. At that forum, hosted by Kevin McCormack, nine leading
  • researchers from around the state explained the basics of stem cell biology and progress toward therapies, and addressed questions from the audience. The Summit featured a record 200 expert speakers leading 67 sessions and panels and 37 "Conversation with Experts" roundtable discussions. Twelve hundred WSCS13 attendees represented more than 40 countries. The 2013 World Stem Cell Summit's interdisciplinary agenda addressed establishing a supportive environment of regulation, legislation, financing, reimbursement and patient advocacy. Sessions focused on the acceleration of the global pace of stem cell science and translation to clinical trials and medical therapies for severe injury and disease, including regeneration of tissues, organs and spinal cords; cancer; diabetes; neurological diseases; and heart disease.
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  • World Stem Cell Summit
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