T-Pure: Peripheral Blood Processing Tool for Point of Care CAR-T Manufacturing

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T-Pure: Peripheral Blood Processing Tool for Point of Care CAR-T Manufacturing

Public Abstract:
Translational Candidate

Tool kit added directly to peripheral blood allowing for purification of T cell enriched product suitable for (CAR)-T cell generation.

Area of Impact

The goal is to generate a tool that can address one of the most expensive and rate-limiting steps in the production of genetically engineered cells

Mechanism of Action

Our application enables translation of a novel cell selection tool that requires a simple process, peripheral blood (not patient apheresis), and a broadly available instrument platform.

Unmet Medical Need

This potentially revolutionary approach would be a dramatic advance in simplifying CAR-T cells manufacturing, lowering cost, and thereby improving access to this life-saving therapy.

Project Objective

Tool kit: low cost, point of care use

Major Proposed Activities

  • Produce a bi-specific binder process for cell depletion (T-Pure)
  • Validate a fully closed, automated processing pathway for CAR-T manufacturing using T-Pure
  • Draft and finalize SOPs for CAR-T cell manufacturing, creating the “T-Rapid Select” workflow.
Statement of Benefit to California:
Access to CAR-T cells, a life-saving intervention for patients with hematologic malignancy, is hindered by high cost & limitations in manufacturing, representing a vast unmet medical need & a significant healthcare disparity. Broad availability of CAR-T therapies, potentially in mobile units, to patients who need the therapy, is of immense value to due to the curative potential. The approach outlined will help in driving down costs & making the therapy more broadly available to all Californians.