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The Stanford Alpha Stem Cell Clinic
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  • The objective of this funding opportunity is to expand existing capacities for delivering stem cell, gene therapies and other advanced treatment to patients. The Alpha Clinics Network is designed to serve as a competency hub for regenerative medicine training, clinical research, and the delivery of approved treatments.
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  • The Stanford Alpha Stem Cell Clinic
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Our project objective is to develop a sustainable infrastructure and become a Northern California hub for stem cell therapies, thus both reducing current patient burden and increasing access to this treatment modality for patients with unmet medical needs.

Statement of Benefit to California: 

A major roadblock in stem cell therapies is confirming their efficacy in patients. The Alpha Clinic will offer a new Northern California stem cell hub bringing transformative therapies to patients and improving quality of life for California residents. The Alpha Clinic will accelerate investigator initiated stem cell trials and expand access to Network trials. This work will benefit the state of California by helping maintain its leadership position in stem cell therapies.