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Sequential same donor αβdepleted-HSCT from an HLA-partially matched donor allowing immunosuppression free kidney transplant
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Project Objective: 
  • Objective of this study is to assess sequential T cell receptor/CD19+ B cell depleted hematopoietic stem cell transplant in pediatric and adolescent and young adults with SIOD, FSGS, Cystinosis and SLE patients allowing immunosuppression free kidney transplant from the same donor
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Blood Disorders
Bone Marrow Transplant and Viral Infection
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Adult Stem Cell
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Adult Stem Cell
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  • Sequential same donor αβdepleted-HSCT from an HLA-partially matched donor allowing immunosuppression free kidney transplant
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Therapeutic Candidate or Device

Mobilized peripheral blood stem cells from allogeneic donors depleted of TCRαβ+ T cells/CD19+ B cells


Renal failure due to one of four genetic and/or immunological diseases

Therapeutic Mechanism

1. By using haploidentical parents, we will expand the number of potential living donors, and 2. with pre-HSCT immune ablation we can cure the underlying immune associated disease reducing the risk of disease recurrence in the newly engrafted kidney, and 3. with the establishment of a full donor lymphoid engraftment, we eliminate the risk of kidney rejection and the need of lifelong immunosuppression. Therefore, the likelihood of a second kidney transplant will be reduced, if not eliminated.

Unmet Medical Need

Our same donor sequential αβdepleted-HSCT kidney transplantation strategy addresses the urgent unmet medical need to abrogate the need for post-kidney transplant lifelong immunosuppression, the risk of chronic rejection, and, ultimately, the need for repeated transplantation.

Project Objective

Phase 1b trial completed

Major Proposed Activities

  • Perform αβdepleted-HSCT and achieve complete donor engraftment without severe GvHD
  • Perform post-αβdepleted-HSCT kidney transplantation and discontinuation of the immunesuppression within 90 days post-KT
  • Develop a closed system for production of αβdepleted-HSC to expand the number of facilities able to provide αβdepleted-HSC manufacturing
Statement of Benefit to California: 

California performs ~ 100 pediatric KT/year of which ~50 patients experience rejection. These patients enter a cycle of dialysis and waiting for a new kidney creating a quality of life and healthcare burden. Sequential same donor αβdepleted-HSCT/KT can 1) eliminate the need for lifelong immunosuppression, 2) reduce the need for a 2nd KT, and 3) cure the underlying disease, resulting in improved lives of patients, decreased societal costs and enormous socio-economic benefit to California.