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Intellectual Property for Stem Cell-Related Inventions

Public Abstract:
The work is directly relevant to stem-cell (SC)-derived therapy that will advance treatment of serious disease in humans. Research & product development will provide novel methods to SC technology to address the needs of California & other patients. The institute has all the intellectual property (IP) resources and experience to gauge and monitor the potential of IP developed with CIRM support. Detailed computer-based tracking of research results are monitored on a weekly basis. Thus, commercial due diligence is done to assess IP in a quick & efficient manner. The institute utilizes powerful, comprehensive search engines to keep abreast of IP development in the patent & scientific literature.

The Office of Business Development discusses how interaction can have a major impact on a company’s competitiveness & productivity. Industry partners engage as licensees of patented technologies or tangible materials. The Office of Business Development facilitates the approach most appropriate for a company.

Estimation of commercial feasibility is done because the next steps involve expenditure of significant amounts of money. Bringing scientific discoveries to collaborators & developing research partners is an end-product of research done at the Institute. The goal is not to manufacture products to sell, but collaborate & partner with other groups that have an interest in developing IP discovered here for the good of society, making the products & marketing & distributing the products.
Statement of Benefit to California:
In 2011, of the 37.3 million California residents, the median age was 35, considerably younger than the nation as a whole. This means, as the population ages, more health issues will become apparent if new, improved therapies are not developed. On the other hand, 25% of California residents are 65 or older. This means that the California healthcare system will be immediately stressed if modern means of developing new and improved therapies is not obtained. With an aging population, the economic burden of disease in California will increase and continue to make a large impact on the California state economy. We believe the future solution to the current and impending California healthcare dilemma is based in novel stem cell-based therapies. Paramount to development of any new stem cell-based therapy is adequate intellectual property (IP) protection. With IP protection and issued patents, large Pharma or Biotech companies will feel comfortable to license and develop the IP for the good of California and other citizens. This is because the company will know its investment will be good for many years. Thus, successful completion of stem cell work and patent protection will not only provide citizens of California much needed advances in stem cell technology of relevance to improved healthcare but will also provide significant tax revenue. Based on the population of California alone, stem cell products could provide large healthcare economic relief and large revenue annually.