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CIRM Training Program in Translational Regenerative Medicine
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  • This program provides stem cell research training for up to 4 graduate students, 8 postdocs and 8 clinical fellows at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In addition to 2-3 years of research, training includes coursework, patient engagement and community outreach activities.
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Year 1

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  • CIRM Training Program in Translational Regenerative Medicine
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This CIRM Scholar Training Program will benefit the state of California and its citizens by: 1) training scientists and clinicians, including those from underrepresented backgrounds, to perform stem cell research and develop novel regenerative medicine therapies, 2) preparing scientists and clinicians to be the next generation of leaders in the regenerative medicine field, 3) translating lab-based discoveries into therapeutic products that will benefit patients with a variety of diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, organ dysfunction, osteoporosis and cancer, 4) providing outreach opportunities to educate high school students about stem cells and careers in regenerative medicine, and 5) sharing information about advances in regenerative medicine research and ethical and social issues related to stem cell research with patients and the general public to help them make healthcare decisions and more informed choices at the ballot box.