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CIRM Training Program for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research
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  • This program provides stem cell research training for up to 13 postdocs and up to 8 clinical fellows at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. In addition to research, training includes coursework, patient engagement and community outreach activities.
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  • CIRM Training Program for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research
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This CIRM Training Program will support 6 PhD Post-Doctoral and 3 MD Clinical Fellows every year to conduct research in stem cell and regenerative medicine. In the past 15 years, interdisciplinary research in stem cell and regenerative medicine has made significant impact on California’s workforce. A unique focus of this training program is to advance stem cell and regenerative medicine to treat childhood diseases, which will also lead to better outcomes for many disorders that occur later in life. To continue to prepare the CIRM Scholars as the next generation researchers contributing to stem cells and regenerative medicine as future scientists, a two-year training plan has been developed with the following scientific curriculum. 1) A rigorous research project will be developed with an identified mentor who has expertise in-line with the Scholar’s research interests. 2) Required courses will enhance the CIRM Scholar’s knowledge in stem cells and regenerative medicine and implications in health and disease as well as ethical, legal, and social implications of stem cell research. A series of workshops will enhance the CIRM scholar’s hands-on and practical experience. 3) Mentoring and career development will help the Scholars in obtaining future positions either in academic research, industry, clinical practice, or as physician scientist. A steering committee and external advisory board have been formed to help the Program Directors oversee different aspects of the training program. This CIRM training program is committed to educational activities, community outreach, and engagement of patients and health care professionals. This training program will provide unique benefits to the State of California and its citizens by providing a superbly trained group of stem cell experts. The trainees in this program will also strengthen and accelerate our research efforts in the stem cell and regenerative medicine field in hope to generate new treatments for many diseases for patients in California.