Alpha Stem Cell Clinic for Northern and Central California

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Alpha Stem Cell Clinic for Northern and Central California

Public Abstract:
The UC Davis Alpha Clinic will provide pivotal resources to assist in the approval & conducting of stem cell/regenerative medicine clinical trials. A centralized space & personnel to administer the therapies to patients in the UCD 33-county catchment region (~6 million people in Northern/Central CA)
Statement of Benefit to California:
Thanks to infrastructure & funding provided by CIRM, stem cell/regenerative medicine clinical trials at our institution are ongoing or recently completed for: HIV, osteopenia, swallowing disorders, retinopathy, disc repair, spine pain, critical limb ischemia, heart disease, non-healing ulcers, burn injuries, cartilage repair & traumatic brain injury. Our outstanding TeleHealth program will help other Alpha Clinic sites extend coverage for trials to the northern and central regions of California.