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Alpha Stem Cell Clinic for Northern and Central California
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  • The objective of the Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network is to accelerate the efficient conduct of high quality stem cell clinical trials in order to support the overall CIRM mission of accelerating treatments to patients with unmet medical needs.  Operationally, the clinic is to provide operational support to the stem cell clinical trials while creating Accelerating and Value Add Resources to accelerate and remove bottlenecks to the conduct of the trials.

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Multiple Indications (Alpha Clinics)
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Final Operational Milestone #7
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Post-Project and Supplement Period

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  • Alpha Stem Cell Clinic for Northern and Central California
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The UC Davis Alpha Clinic will provide pivotal resources to assist in the approval & conducting of stem cell/regenerative medicine clinical trials. A centralized space & personnel to administer the therapies to patients in the UCD 33-county catchment region (~6 million people in Northern/Central CA)

Statement of Benefit to California: 

Thanks to infrastructure & funding provided by CIRM, stem cell/regenerative medicine clinical trials at our institution are ongoing or recently completed for: HIV, osteopenia, swallowing disorders, retinopathy, disc repair, spine pain, critical limb ischemia, heart disease, non-healing ulcers, burn injuries, cartilage repair & traumatic brain injury. Our outstanding TeleHealth program will help other Alpha Clinic sites extend coverage for trials to the northern and central regions of California.