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Alpha Clinic Network Expansion for Cell and Gene Therapies
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  • The objective of this funding opportunity is to expand existing capacities for delivering stem cell, gene therapies and other advanced treatment to patients. The Alpha Clinics Network is designed to serve as a competency hub for regenerative medicine training, clinical research, and the delivery of approved treatments.
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  • Alpha Clinic Network Expansion for Cell and Gene Therapies
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The CIRM Alpha Clinic will expand capacities and workforce expertise to accelerate development, clinical testing, and dissemination of novel cell and gene therapies for a broad range of conditions that impact Californians across the lifespan and from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities.

Statement of Benefit to California: 

In 2020, Californians voted to increase their investment in regenerative medicine to address unmet medical needs. Expansion of CIRM’s Alpha Clinics Network is critical to achieving this goal. The Alpha Clinic will speed the development of exciting new cell- and gene-based treatments to improve health across the lifespan, from infants to seniors, and for a broad range of diseases that affect Californians from all backgrounds.