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1st Annual Spinal Cord Injury Investor Symposium (SCIIS)
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  • As stated by the applicant, goals of the conference are as follows.
  • discuss the most recent advancements and future trends for treating SCI patients
  • empower healthcare companies working in space, key opinion leaders, patients, policy makers, government representatives and others to connect and work together towards a common purpose;
  • encourage acceleration in spinal cord injury research through the amplification of the patient voice as well as
  • foster closer relationships between investors and the companies engaged in spinal cord injury therapeutic drug development and research;
  • broaden awareness by driving the visibility of patient needs and opportunities;
  • encourage engagement through direct interaction with influencers and spokespersons;
  • building a platform of consensus on key issues.
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Neurological Disorders
Spinal Cord Injury
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  • 1st Annual Spinal Cord Injury Investor Symposium (SCIIS)
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