Extraordinary Supplement Awards

PA 14-04:  CIRM Extraordinary Supplement Awards

The objective of this award program is to provide supplemental funding in exceptional circumstances to investigators with an active CIRM award to enable timely expansion of their awarded study to achieve very significant translational and/or transformational results that could not otherwise be achieved with the current CIRM awarded funds (e.g. through change of scope and rebudgeting).   These supplements would be carefully considered and rare in occurrence.

Please see the PA for details:
PA 14-04: CIRM Extraordinary Supplement Awards
This PA is targeted at only the most exceptional proposals: CIRM expects to support only a few such projects each year.

Application Process

Submission of an application for the CIRM Extraordinary Supplement Awards PA involves a two-step process.  Prior to submitting an application, a PI must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) describing the proposed project. CIRM will evaluate the LOI -- refer to Section V.A. of the PA for evaluation criteria.  As CIRM expects to fund very few of these awards in any given year, a prospective applicant, prior to initiating an LOI, is encouraged to speak with his/her CIRM Program Officer, the President of CIRM or one of the CIRM contacts listed below and in Section IX of the PA.  CIRM will evaluate the LOI and decide whether to invite a Full Application for the proposed project.

Letter of Intent Instructions

  1. You will need a Username and Password  on CIRM’s Grants Management Portal (https://grants.cirm.ca.gov). If you do not have a Username, click on the "New User" link and follow the instructions to create a CIRM Username and Password.
  2. Send an email to ExtraordinarySupplement@cirm.ca.gov, stating that you would like to create a Letter of Intent, and your Username on the Grants Management Portal.  CIRM will process requests within one week, and send a confirming email. After you receive CIRM’s confirming email, log into the Grants Management Portal and click on the "Open Programs" tab located at the far left on the menu bar.  Look for the section labeled “RFAs and Programs Open for Applications”. Click on the “Start a Letter of Intent” link corresponding to the Extraordinary Supplement Pilot Program PA.
  3. Complete each section by clicking on the appropriate link and following the posted instructions. Signature page templates can be found in the “Upload Required Documents” section.
  4. To submit your letter of intent, click on the “Done with Letter of Intent” button. The “Done with Letter of Intent” will be enabled when all required sections have been completed and the signature page uploaded. Please note that once “Done with Letter of Intent” has been selected, your LOI will have been submitted and you will no longer be able to make changes to your Letter of Intent.
  5. To confirm submission of your Letter of Intent, go back to your home page and check the list under the section labeled “Your Submitted Applications”. You will see your Letter of Intent number and project title entered for PA 14-04 Extraordinary Supplement Awards program once the submission process has been completed.
  6. Letters of Intent can be submitted at any time. In general, LOIs will be evaluated at least quarterly.

Full Application Process

Because this program could encompass different types of projects, specific review criteria and application forms may vary. If CIRM invites an applicant to submit a Full Application, CIRM will provide application forms and instructions that are appropriate to the type of project proposed. Section V of the RFA provides additional detail.

The application review process depends on the type of supplement requested, a Minor Supplement or a Major Supplement and for a Major Supplement, whether the proposed activities are for FDA-mandated supplemental activities or not.  CIRM’s Clinical Development Advisory Panel (CDAP) will evaluate applications for Major Supplement funding for FDA-mandated supplemental activities to a Disease Team (Disease Team Therapy Development), a Strategic Partnership or a Preclinical Development award.  CIRM’s Grants Working Group, GWG, will evaluate all other applications for Major Supplement funding. The CDAP or the GWG will make a funding recommendation.  The Application Review Subcommittee of the ICOC will make funding decisions based on the CDAP or GWG recommendation, any staff recommendation and a programmatic review.

Both the CDAP and the GWG meet several times a year; for applicants invited to submit an application for Major Supplemental funding, CIRM will provide a schedule that will allow for review at an appropriate CDAP or GWG meeting.  Scientific review and final award decisions for major supplement awards may be completed within 4-6 months after the full application is received.

An application for Minor Supplement funding will be reviewed by at least two scientific members of the CIRM Grants Working Group with relevant expertise.   They will review the application and will provide written advice to the President.  Based on this advice and staff input, the President will make a decision to approve or deny the minor supplemental funding request.  If approved, the funding decision will be reported to the ICOC at its next meeting.  In general, scientific review and decision for minor supplement awards may be completed within 2-4 months after the date the full application is received.


For information about this PA:
Patricia Olson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Scientific Activities
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Email:  polson@cirm.ca.gov
Phone: (415) 396-9116

For information about the review process for this PA:
Gilberto R. Sambrano, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Review
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Email: gsambrano@cirm.ca.gov
Phone: (415) 396-9103

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