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Stem Cell Funding Opportunities

All of CIRM's stem cell research funds are given out through direct requests for applications (RFAs). When concepts for new RFAs are approved by the governing board, they are listed below as upcoming RFAs. Once those RFAs are posted and are open for applications, they are listed as Current Requests for Applications. Applications are reviewed by 15 members of the Scientific and Medical Research Funding Working Group (Grants Working Group), who score the grants and provide funding recommendations to the board. Those review reports are posted on this page prior to the meeting in which our governing board votes on which applications to fund.

Related information about CIRM stem cell grants

CIRM 2.0 Clinical Stage Programs: Call for Applications

The mission of CIRM is to accelerate the development of stem cell therapies to patients with unmet medical needs. To better serve this mission, we are launching “CIRM 2.0”, a radical overhaul of the way we do business, one that introduces more efficient systems and programs and that places added emphasis on speed, partnerships, and patients.
With this Clinical Stage Programs initiative we intend to speed up support for clinical stage candidate stem cell therapies that demonstrate scientific excellence. Under this initiative we will provide funding for eligible projects that are completing late stage preclinical development through any stage of clinical trial activity. To read the Program Announcements for these awards and to apply please visit:

CESCG Collaborative Research Program: Call for Applications

The CIRM-funded Center for Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics (CESCG) has established a Collaborative Research Program (CRP) to support the genomics research needs of stem cell investigators in California. A Call for applications has been posted on their website at:


Upcoming RFAs

Current Requests for Applications

RFA 14-02: CIRM Preclinical Development I Awards

The purpose of the CIRM Preclinical Development Initiative is to fund early preclinical development activities for Development Candidates (DCs) derived from or targeting stem cells that have compelling and reproducible efficacy in preclinical models of disease or injury, and that are sufficiently well characterized to be ready for the transition from preclinical research to preclinical development. Funding will be provided for the most promising, competitive and successful Development Candidates that CIRM has already invested in at the preclinical research stage, as well as for compelling new projects that are co-funded with matching funds.  

PA 12-08: CIRM Patent Assistance Fund Awards

The goal of the Patent Assistance Fund is to ensure adequate prosecution of intellectual property (“IP”) relating to CIRM Funded Inventions (“CFIs”) that have commercial relevance. CIRM’s program is intended to provide funding assistance to help ensure that non-profit Grantees preserve IP positions that are intended to enhance the marketability of CFIs and make downstream investment and development more likely.

PA 08-06: CIRM Conference Grants

This Program Announcement (PA) will support the development and conduct of scientific conferences relevant to stem cell research. A scientific conference is defined as an organized event where persons physically assemble to exchange scientific information or explore a defined scientific subject. Support of such conferences is contingent on the fiscal and programmatic priorities of CIRM. Conference grant awards are open to non-profit organizations in California.

Past requests for applications

PA 14-03: CIRM Strategic Partnership IV Awards
PA 14-01: CIRM Accelerated Development Pathway
RFA 13-07: CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network: Coordinating and Information Management Center
RFA 13-06: CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network: Alpha Stem Cell Clinics
RFA 13-05: CIRM Tools and Technologies III Awards
RFA 13-04: External Innovation Pilot Program
RFA 13-03A/B: CIRM Strategic Partnership III Awards 
RFA 13-02: CIRM Basic Biology Awards V
RFA 13-01: CIRM Disease Team Therapy Development III Awards 
RFA 12-09: CIRM Strategic Partnership II Awards
RFA 12-07: CIRM Early Translational IV Research Awards
RFA 12-06: CIRM Stem Cell Genomics Centers of Excellence Awards
RFA 12-05: CIRM Strategic Partnership I Awards
RFA 12-04: CIRM hPSC Repository Award
RFA 12-03: CIRM hiPSC Derivation Award
RFA 12-02: CIRM Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling Awards
RFA 12-01: CIRM New Faculty Physician Scientist Translational Research Awards
RFA 11-04: CIRM Creativity Awards
RFA 11-03: CIRM Basic Biology Awards IV
RFA 11-02: CIRM Early Translational III Research Awards
RFA 10-05: CIRM Disease Team Therapy Development Awards
RFA 10-05: CIRM Disease Team Therapy Development Awards - Part I Planning Award
RFA 10-04: CIRM Basic Biology Awards III
RFA 10-03: CIRM Targeted Clinical Development Awards
RFA 10-02: CIRM Tools and Technologies Awards II
RFA 10-01: CIRM Early Translational II Research Awards
RFA 09-04: CIRM Research Leadership Awards
RFA 09-03: CIRM Stem Cell Transplantation Immunology Awards
RFA 09-02: CIRM Basic Biology Awards II
RFA 09-01: CIRM Disease Team Research Awards
RFA 08-07: CIRM Basic Biology Awards I
RFA 08-05 : CIRM Early Translational Research Awards
RFA 08-04: CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Awards
RFA 08-03: CIRM Research Training Program II
RFA 08-02: CIRM Tools and Technologies Awards
RFA 08-01: CIRM New Faculty Awards II
RFA 07-05: CIRM New Cell Lines Awards
RFA 07-04: CIRM Disease Team Planning Awards
RFA 07-03: CIRM Major Facilities Grant Program
RFA 07-02: CIRM New Faculty Awards
RFA 07-01: CIRM Shared Labs and Stem Cell Techniques Course Grant
RFA 06-02: CIRM Comprehensive Research Grant
RFA 06-01: CIRM SEED Grant
RFA 05-01: CIRM Training Grant


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