Central Nervous System (CNS) Consortium Workshop


As articulated in our 2022-2027 strategic plan, CIRM is committed to continued funding of high-risk/high-reward research projects through our existing pillar programs, and to promote their success by building infrastructure that fosters shared usage of specialized technologies, and organizes and democratizes data through knowledge networks. 

In February 2022, CIRM hosted a Central Nervous System (CNS) Consortium Workshop, bringing together ~40 key opinion leaders and stakeholders to explore the feasibility and possible approaches for a first deployment of these two resources through: 

  1. A network of Shared Resources Laboratories that innovate, validate and share stem cell-based models to support California regenerative medicine researchers,   

  1. A Data Infrastructure where CIRM-funded data can be shared and external datasets leveraged to maximize real-world impact. 

While the discussions at the workshop centered on applications to the CNS, the shared resources will be implemented broadly across cell types and organs. The Data Infrastructure is intended to be a global resource for data sharing and fostering a culture of open science for all CIRM grantees — and the world.  

You can read more about the workshop and our goals on our blog, The Stem Cellar.


Access materials from the workshop using the links below: 

YouTube videos of workshop 

Presentation slides