Disease Focus: Zika virus

Immunization strategies to prevent Zika viral congenital eye and brain disease

Research Objective Our objective is to utilize human iPSC-derived neural and ocular cells to identify growth attenuated and non-pathogenic Zika virus vaccine candidates that can prevent congenital ZIKV disease. Impact Currently, there are no therapies or vaccines available against ZIKV for human use. The human iPSC technology provides a unique opportunity to test the growth […]

A treatment for Zika virus infection and neuroprotection efficacy

Research Objective We propose to determine the impact of the Zika virus during human neurodevelopment and to test a FDA-approved therapeutic candidate to treat Zika infection. Impact A drug to treat/cure Zika infection and for neuroprotection. Major Proposed Activities To determine the molecular and cellular alterations caused by the Zika virus in the human developing […]