Disease Focus: Sarcoma

Genetically Engineered PBMC and PBSC Expressing NY-ESO-1 TCR After a Myeloablative Conditioning Regimen to Treat Patients With Advanced Cancer (NYESO SCT)

This is a treatment for patients with sarcomas and other advanced solid tumors. In 2018 alone, an estimated 13,040 people were diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma (STS) in the United States, with approximately 5,150 deaths.  Standard of care treatment for sarcomas typically consists of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, but patients with late stage or recurring […]

Preclinical development of an exhaustion-resistant CAR-T stem cell for cancer immunotherapy

Research Objective The expected outcome is an exhaustion-resistant CAR-T cell, which persists long-term in a functional progenitor T cell state in the tumor microenvironment and can be used for cancer immunotherapy. Impact CAR-T cells are effective in B cell cancer, but less than 50% of patients experience long-term disease control. Exhaustion-resistant CARs may provide long-term […]

Genetic Modification of Stem Cells and T cells to Activate the Immune System to Target Solid Tumors

Therapeutic Candidate or Device Autologous Peripheral Blood Stem Cells expressing the NY-ESO-1 TCR and a suicide/reporter gene combined with T cells expressing the same TCR Indication Locally advanced (unresectable stage IIIc) or metastatic malignancies (stage IV) that are HLA A2.1 +, NY-ESO-1 +, solid tumors, including sarcomas Therapeutic Mechanism The administration of TCR transduced mature […]

Chimeric TGFB Signaling Receptor (CTSR) Enabled Anti-B7H3 CAR T-cell Therapy in Children and AYA with Recurrent Solid Tumors

Therapeutic Candidate or Device Engineered CAR T-cells are enhanced to allow their survival in solid tumors Indication Children, adolescents and young adults with variety of solid tumors but focus on sarcomas and neuroblastomas Therapeutic Mechanism Engineered T-cells are expanded and infused back to the patients. The additional mechanisms engineered in these cells allows them to […]