Disease Focus: Incontinence

Autologous iPSC-derived smooth muscle cell therapy for treatment of urinary incontinence

Translational Candidate Smooth muscle cell progenitors (pSMCs) differentiated from patient iPSCs which is injected into the urethral muscle to regenerate a a weak urethra. Area of Impact Surgery for urinary incontinence is effective in 80% of patients. Our target is those who failed surgery (20%), or those who cannot undergo surgery. Mechanism of Action Our […]

Autologous iPSC Therapy for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI) is common and serious, with two-thirds of the burden borne by women. UI impacts both quality and length of life; women with UI suffer debilitating falls, experience social isolation and are clinically-depressed more commonly than continent women. UI is the primary reason for elderly women to be institutionalized and carries an annual […]