Disease Focus: Brain Injury, hypoxic, ischemic

Harnessing vascular stem cells to grow and protect the human brain

Research Objective The origins of brain vascular mural cells are unknown. This proposal will identify mural stem cells in the developing human and mouse brain and determine their impact on blood brain barrier formation. Impact Brain vascular diseases can have profound impacts on long-term neurological function. This proposal will map the stages of mural stem […]

Human Neural Stem Cells (hNSCs) for neuroprotection in perinatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury (HII)-Pre-IND-enabling Studies

Translational Candidate An established stable human neural stem cell line unmanipulated genetically & propagated under defined conditions Area of Impact Perinatal asphyxia (also called hypoxic-ischemic injury), a major untreatable cause of cerebral palsy & cognitive disability Mechanism of Action hNSCs rescue the penumbra, the part of the brain lesion following perinatal asphyxia that still has […]