Governance Subcommittee

Mission Statment

The Governance Subcommittee reviews language and makes comments upon policies related to management of the ICOC and the Institute. The Subcommittee’s corporate governance responsibilities involve (i) making recommendations on the Institute’s compensation policy and contracting policies; (ii) working with the President to establish goals for the management of the Institute; and (iii) monitoring the achievement of these goals in order to optimize performance; (iv) evaluating the performance of the Chair, Vice Chair, and President and making recommendations regarding their compensation to the ICOC; and (v) recommending a compensation policy for Patient Advocate and Nurse members for the time spent in preparation for, and participation in, institute, working group, and ICOC meetings. The Governance Subcommittee’s recommendations shall be considered by the ICOC. The Governance Subcommittee shall make regular reports back to the ICOC, as appropriate.

Subcommittee Members

Upcoming Meetings

Governance Subcommittee meeting transcripts and agendas are available in the meeting archives.