A salute to caregivers from Leeza Gibbons

At CIRM we want nothing more than to find cures for the diseases that afflict people around the world. Until that day comes, many of the diseases we hope to cure – Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, ALS, to name a few – place an incredible burden on the caregivers in addition to the patients themselves.

Caregivers have no greater advocate than Leeza Gibbons, who also serves on the CIRM governing board. Her online caregiver support network, Leeza’s Place, is celebrating National Family Caregiver Month with events throughout the country to both support and educate caregivers. A list of those events is available here.

On her blog, Leeza wrote:

At Leeza’s Place, we know the job of being a caregiver is both frustrating and fantastic; isolating and invigorating; a blessing and a burden. Those husbands and wives, daughters, sons and friends who care for someone they love often find they are stronger than they ever imagined they could be.

As we celebrate those courageous spirits, we offer respect and gratitude to all who are on the front lines of humanity. A month recognizing caregivers is just a starting point for us to create more national awareness, better support, respite and care. At Leeza’s Place, this month (and every month) we offer hugs of support, approval and a blanket of love!

To hear more about Leeza’s Place and Leeza’s caregiving mantra of “Take Your Oxygen First” visit their online media page here.

Here is Dan Desmond, who has ALS, paying a touching tribute to his wife and caregiver, Gloria Desmond.