Running, cycling and swimming for a cure

Any excuse to link stem cell research and a favorite activity…

In the top 10 list of our most popular entries, spinal cord injury ranked among the topics of most interest to readers. And for good reason. It’s the first condition to be approved for an embryonic stem cell trial. It’s also a terrible condition in dire need of a therapy.

Those readers interested in helping find a cure for spinal cord injury might want to check out the Team Reeve Marathon season. Short of toiling in the lab, this a great way to move the research forward. The Reeve Foundation will help train runners in return for their fund-raising efforts.

If running for a cure sounds appealing but your heart lies with an ailment other than spinal cord injury, you can check out your favorite disease charity. Many raise money by training volunteers for marathons, triathlons, cycling events and hikes.

The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute also recently posted information about Team Sanford-Burnham in which fund-raisers run with the scientists whose work they are supporting.

As runner Judy Wade, a Team Stanford-Burnham enthusiast, says about marathons she’s run:

“You have to remind yourself why you’re doing this, the cause. You feel really good about yourself when you’re finished.”

(She’s right!)

While out there raising funds you can also raise awareness of stem cell research. Here are some answers to the most common misconceptions about stem cell research.