New journal focuses on developing stem cell therapies

In March 2011 CIRM began working with AlphaMed press to develop a new peer-reviewed journal to publish research that is translating basic stem cell science into new therapies. The idea was simple. AlphaMed had been publishing the elite journal Stem Cells for 30 years and recognized that the time had come to form a new journal focusing on the next phase of the science. The phase where all that early science published in Stem Cells started turning into therapies. At the same time, CIRM leaders were realizing that the scientists they were funding didn’t necessarily have an elite journal focused on their work.

Turns out great minds were thinking alike, and before long CIRM and AlphaMed press had plans in place for their new collaboration. At the time, CIRM President Alan Trouson said:

“Science moves forward through publications in outstanding, peer-reviewed journals,. This new publication will provide a venue for studies that move stem cell research closer toward clinical trials. In addition to publishing new discoveries that help all scientists in their goals the journal will also take the unusual step of publishing studies considered negative, with results that did not back up the original hypothesis or that did not show a new path to therapies, which will save other scientists the time of carrying out those experiments.”

CIRM is supporting the journal for the first three years, then the journal is expected to be self-funded.

We had a chance to meet with AlphaMed president and vice president Ann and Marty Murphy today to talk about how things are coming along. The first issue is due out in January and they already have a pipeline of outstanding papers. Scientists interested in publishing in the journal can get information about submissions on the website

They’ve also put a few interesting videos on the site, including journal editor Anthony Atala’s short speech introducing the rational for the new journal. In the video he says:

“The mission of the journal is to bring together the best scientific papers in the field that will chart the course for the future not only for our investigations but also for the benefit of our patients and their healthcare.”