State Stem Cell Agency ICOC Agenda 6/17-6/18 2009

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California State Stem Cell Agency


Regular meeting:
Independant Citizens’ Oversight Committee to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Organized pursuant to Government Code section 11346.5(a)(17) and
the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act


1.    Call to Order.

2.    Pledge of Allegiance.

3.    Roll Call.

[Members of the Public will be invited to provide testimony before or during consideration of each agenda item. Speakers are asked to limit their testimony to three (3) minutes.]


4.    Approval of minutes from August 12-13, September 25, December 9-10, 2008; and January 29th-30th and March 12, 2009 ICOC meetings.

5.    Approval of updated CIRM Conflict of Interest Code.


6.     Chairman’s Report.

7.     President’s Report.


8.     Consideration of funding for approved CIRM Research Training Program II awards.

9.     Consideration of recommendations from Grants Working Group on Tier 2 Early Translational Research Awards applications.


10.    Discussion of confidential intellectual property or work product and prepublication, confidential scientific research or data relating to Early Translational Research Awards applications. (Health & Safety Code 125290.30(d) (3) (B) and (C)).

Public report of any action taken, if necessary, during closed session.


11.     Consideration of 2009-2010 CIRM Budget.

  1. Consideration of the 2009-10 CIRM Administrative Operating Budget
  2. 2009-10 Proposed Interagency and External Contract Budget Allocation
  3. Proposed 2009-10 Operating Budget
  4. CIRM Staffing Plan
  5. Travel – Office of the Chair

12.     Consideration of contract with Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, LLP.

13.     Consideration of consolidated Intellectual Property regulations. NO LONGER TO BE CONSIDERED AT THIS MEETING. TO BE CONSIDERED AT A FUTURE MEETING.

14.     Consideration of appointment of at-large members and leadership of Evaluation Subcommittee.

15.     Consideration of federal legislation, H.R. 1427/Waxman and H.R. 1548/Eshoo.


16.     Consideration of guidelines for open voting roll.


17.     Public comment. The Committee will accept public testimony on any matter under its jurisdiction that is not on the agenda, but the Committee cannot act on any such matter at this meeting.

Notice is hereby given that the order of consideration of matters on this agenda may be changed without prior notice.



The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and its Independent Citizens Oversight Committee, and any subcommittees thereof, comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by ensuring that the meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities, and providing that this notice and information given to the Members of the Committee is available to the public in appropriate alternative formats when requested. If you need further assistance, including disability-related modifications or accommodations, you may contact Melissa King at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine at 415-396-9100 no later than the day prior to the meeting.

Questions or requests for additional information prior to the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee meeting may be referred to Melissa King at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine at or 415-396-9100.

This meeting agenda is also available on the website for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine at .

Date Published: August 19, 2009
Last Modified: April 5, 2017