Agenda 0305 0311

Day 1
Mar 5, 2009
Main Location: 

Cooper Auditorium
City of Hope
1500 East Duarte Road
Duarte, CA

Day 2
Mar 11, 2009
Main Location: 

Gladstone Institutes
1650 Owens Street
San Francisco, CA

Meeting Notice and Agenda 0305 0311 public comment

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In December 2006 CIRM published its first Scientific Strategic Plan, which served as the blueprint for implementation of CIRM’s scientific programs and procedures. The 2006 Strategic Plan has served the agency well over the last two years and has been of enormous value in guiding CIRM to remarkable progress. As a responsible steward of public funds, CIRM is reevaluating its funding priorities to stay sharply focused on those research opportunities most likely to achieve therapies and cures. A “living plan,” the 2006 Scientific Strategic Plan is being updated and we are seeking input on our strategies and tactics to achieve our goals within CIRM’s lifetime.




1. CIRM Update – Alan Trounson, President, CIR

           a. Progress toward goals set in 2006 Strategic plan

           b. Review of grants to date

           c. How the stem cell field has changed

2. Presentation on Hope and Cautions for Clinical Trials

            a. Owen Witte, Director, Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research                  —   March

             b. TBA — March 11 

3. Q&A – Moderator

             a. Michael Friedman, CIRM Board Member, President, City of Hope — March 5

              b. Jeff Sheehy, CIRM Board Member, Director of Communications,  AIDS Research Institute at   

                   University of California, SF — March 11


The discussion period will be open to all issues, but will seek to address some of the “Strategic Adjustments Under Consideration” from page five of the draft strategic plan revision.

RSVP to or 415-396-9255


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Members of the public are invited to comment on this draft by emailing comments to the following address:


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