Pten null prostate tumorigenesis and AKT activation are blocked by targeted knockout of ER chaperone GRP78/BiP in prostate epithelium.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Publication Year: 
Yong Fu , Shiuan Wey , Miao Wang , Risheng Ye , Chun-Peng Liao , Pradip Roy-Burman , Amy S Lee
Public Summary: 
Scientific Abstract: 
GRP78/BiP has recently emerged as a novel biomarker for aggressive prostate cancer. Here, we report that homozygous deletion of Grp78 specifically in mouse prostate epithelium suppresses prostate tumorigenesis without affecting postnatal prostate development and growth. Mouse prostates with double conditional knockout of Grp78 and Pten exhibit normal histology and cytology, in contrast to the invasive adenocarcinoma in mouse prostates with Pten inactivation. AKT activation in Pten null prostate epithelium is inhibited by Grp78 homozygous deletion, corresponding with suppression of AKT phosphorylation by GRP78 knockdown in prostate cancer cell line. Thus, inactivation of GRP78 may represent a previously undescribed approach to stop prostate cancer and potentially other cancers resulting from the loss of PTEN tumor suppression and/or activation of the oncogenic AKT.

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