Navigating breast cancer: axon guidance molecules as breast cancer tumor suppressors and oncogenes.

J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia
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Gwyndolen C Harburg
Lindsay Hinck
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Slit, Netrin, Ephrin, and Semaphorin's roles in development have expanded greatly in the past decade from their original characterization as axon guidance molecules (AGMs) to include roles as regulators of tissue morphogenesis and development in diverse organs. In the mammary gland, AGMs are important for maintaining normal cell proliferation and adhesion during development. The frequent dysregulation of AGM expression during tumorigenesis and tumor progression suggests that AGMs also play a crucial role as tumor suppressors and oncogenes in breast cancer. Moreover, these findings suggest that AGMs may be excellent targets for new breast cancer prognostic tests and more effective therapeutic strategies.