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A correction was made to the Muscle and Nerve publication from December 2021 describing the results of NurOwn's® Phase 3 clinical trial in ALS following new clinical analyses which strengthen the Company's original conclusions from the trial. The correction results in a statistically significant treatment difference (p=0.050) of more than 2 points for an important secondary endpoint, average change from baseline in ALSFRS-R, in the pre-specified efficacy subgroup of participants with a baseline score of at least 35. Analyses reported in the original publication utilized an efficacy model that unintentionally deviated from the trial's pre-specified statistical analysis plan by erroneously incorporating interaction terms between the subgroup and treatment. The newly published results, which includes supporting information to the publication, employ the efficacy model as pre-specified in the trial's statistical analysis plan, correcting the analyses. The correction also relates to the other subgroup analyses published for this endpoint, demonstrating that all subgroups with ALSFRS-R baseline scores of at least 26 to 35 showed a statistically significant benefit following treatment with NurOwn® (p≤0.050) on this secondary endpoint.