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Guest blogger Roman Reed: spinal cord injury stem cell trials get $25 million boost from CIRM

From the editor: Yesterday the CIRM governing board approved a $25 million loan to help fund a trial testing the use of an embryonic stem cell-derived therapy for spinal cord injury. Here's our press release. Our guest blogger Roman Reed was injured in a football accident and has since fought tirelessly for spinal cord injury research.

First patient from Geron spinal cord injury trial speaks up

A story by Rob Stein at the Washington Post is reporting that the first patient to participate in Geron's groundbreaking embryonic stem cell-based trial for spinal cord injury has come forward.

A second stem cell trial for spinal cord injury

We've posted quite a bit about the Geron trial testing an embryonic stem cell-derived therapy for spinal cord injury. Now Palo Alto-based StemCells Inc has started a trial in Switzerland testing a tissue-specific stem cell therapy. The company announced that they'll be enrolling 12 people who have no feeling below their injury in this initial safety trial.

Clinical Trial of Hope at Stanford -- guest blogger Roman Reed

Under the direction of Dr. Gary Steinberg, an advance long considered impossible is moving forward today: Stanford announced yesterday that it will participate in Geron's human clinical safety trials for a novel treatment for spinal cord injury. These are safety trials to be sure and not efficacy trials, more tests will need to be run, but this is already farther along than ever before.

Three embryonic stem cell trials and counting

We're back after a vacation filled with news about the second ACT embryonic stem cell trial getting FDA approval earlier this week. This one is for macular degeneration. Their first trial, approved by the FDA on November 22, was for Stargardt's macular degeneration. That brings the total to three trials testing therapies based on embryonic stem cells.

A salute to caregivers from Leeza Gibbons

At CIRM we want nothing more than to find cures for the diseases that afflict people around the world. Until that day comes, many of the diseases we hope to cure - Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, ALS, to name a few - place an incredible burden on the caregivers in addition to the patients themselves.

Geron trial -- baby steps toward a cure

Today Geron announced that the first patient had been treated in their groundbreaking trial based on human embryonic stem cells.

At first blush: Woo hoo!! This is the first test of technology that holds hope for millions of people living with spinal cord injury and other diseases.

Running, cycling and swimming for a cure

Any excuse to link stem cell research and a favorite activity...

In the top 10 list of our most popular entries, spinal cord injury ranked among the topics of most interest to readers. And for good reason. It's the first condition to be approved for an embryonic stem cell trial. It's also a terrible condition in dire need of a therapy.

Update on stem cell treatments for spinal cord injury

A nod to Paul Knoepfler at UC Davis, who has posted a blog entry about the Geron trial for spinal cord injury. It provides a nice summary of the science behind the trial, and a reminder of why patients might be hard to recruit. He refers to Michael Martinez, a jockey who recently sustained a severe spinal cord injury, and who was rejected for participation in Geron's trial developed from human embryonic stem cells. As Knoepfler points out:


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