Awards to the Institution

Award Value
Tools and Technologies III: Carla Koehler A small molecule tool for reducing the malignant potential in reprogramming human iPSCs and ESCs $1,283,900
Early Translational II: Noriyuki Kasahara Stem cell-based carriers for RCR vector delivery to glioblastoma $3,370,607
Tools and Technologies III: Leif Havton Development of a Relevant Pre-Clinical Animal Model as a Tool to Evaluate Human Stem Cell-Derived Replacement Therapies for Motor Neuron Injuries and Degenerative Diseases $0
Comprehensive Grant: Zack Jerome Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapeutic Strategies to Target HIV Disease $2,401,903
Early Translational IV: Donald Kohn Beta-Globin Gene Correction of Sickle Cell Disease in Hematopoietic Stem Cells $1,652,076
Basic Biology II: Yong Kim Novel Mechanism in Self-Renewal/Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells $1,259,371
Tools and Technologies II: Martin Martin Pluripotent and Somatic Stem Cell Models to Study Inherited Diarrheal Disorders $1,783,250
Shared Labs: Scott Waugh CIRM Shared Research Laboratories $2,000,000
SEED Grant: Zoran Galic Genetic Enhancement of the Immune Response to Melanoma via hESC-derived T cells $616,800
Basic Biology IV: Owen Witte Trop2 dependent and independent mechanisms of self-renewal in human cancer stem cells $1,254,960
New Faculty I: Dana Jones Characterization of mechanisms regulating de-differentiation and the re-acquisition of stem cell identity $382,773
Basic Biology V: Denis Evseenko Promoting survival and countering hypertrophy of pluripotent stem cell (PSC)-derived chondrocytes $1,146,468
Disease Team Research I: Irvin Chen HPSC based therapy for HIV disease using RNAi to CCR5. $9,905,604
Research Training II: Kenneth Dorshkind CIRM Research Training Program II $7,898,444
Comprehensive Grant: Guoping Fan Epigenetic gene regulation during the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells: Impact on neural repair $2,412,995
Early Translational IV: Gerald Lipshutz Gene therapy-corrected autologous hepatocyte-like cells from induced pluripotent stem cells for the treatment of pediatric single enzyme disorders $1,801,629
Research Leadership: John Chute Niche-Focused Research: Discovery & Development of Hematopoietic Regenerative Factors $5,174,715
Basic Biology II: Benhur Lee The EphrinB2/EphB4 axis in regulating hESC pluripotency and differentiation $1,371,936
Basic Biology III: Gay Crooks Forming the Hematopoietic Niche from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells $1,252,857
SEED Grant: Michael Teitell Role of Mitochondria in Self-Renewal Versus Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells $543,274
New Faculty Physician Scientist: Ali Nsair Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiovascular Progenitor Cells for Cardiac Cell Therapy. $3,004,315
Basic Biology I: Robb Maclellan Human Cardiovascular Progenitors, their Niches and Control of Self-renewal and Cell Fate $917,667
New Faculty I: Siavash Kurdistani Epigenetics in cancer stem cell initiation and clinical outcome prediction $3,063,450
Basic Biology V: Bennett Novitch In vitro modeling of human motor neuron disease $1,148,758
Early Translational II: Leif Havton Repair of Conus Medullaris/Cauda Equina Injury using Human ES Cell-Derived Motor Neurons $75,628
New Cell Lines: Zack Jerome Generation of clinical grade human iPS cells $1,341,000
Disease Team Therapy Planning I: Antoni Ribas Genetic Re-programming of Stem Cells to Fight Cancer $97,785
Early Translational I: Gabriel Travis Development of a Stem Cell-based Transplantation Strategy for Treating Age-related Macular Degeneration $5,487,136
Early Translational from Disease Team Conversion: Stanley Nelson Combination therapy to Enhance Antisense Mediated Exon Skipping for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy $1,823,545
Early Translational II: Sophie Deng Regeneration of Functional Human Corneal Epithelial Progenitor Cells $699,983
Basic Biology III: Yi Sun Studying neurotransmission of normal and diseased human ES cell-derived neurons in vivo $1,382,400
SEED Grant: William Lowry Modeling Human Embryonic Development with Human Embryonic Stem Cells $528,096
New Faculty Physician Scientist: Reza Ardehali Preclinical evaluation of human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiovascular progenitors $2,930,388
Basic Biology I: Luisa Iruela-Arispe Molecular Characterization and Functional Exploration of Hemogenic Endothelium $1,371,477
New Faculty I: Hanna Mikkola Mechanisms of Hematopoietic stem cell Specification and Self-Renewal $2,286,900
Basic Biology V: Samantha Butler Assessing the mechanism by which the Bone Morphogenetic Proteins direct stem cell fate $545,962
New Cell Lines: Amander Clark Generation of Pluripotent Cell Lines from Human Embryos $1,168,501
Disease Team Therapy Planning I: Stanley Nelson Combination therapy to Enhance Antisense Mediated Exon Skipping for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy $68,947
Shared Labs: Owen Witte CIRM Shared Research Laboratories $1,751,297
Early Translational from Disease Team Conversion: Irvin Chen HPSC based therapy for HIV disease using RNAi to CCR5. $1,505,000
SEED Grant: Hanna Mikkola Improving microenvironments to promote hematopoietic stem cell development from human embryonic stem cells $550,241
Early Translational II: Sophie Deng Regeneration of Functional Human Corneal Epithelial Progenitor Cells $1,524,947
Basic Biology III: Ali Nsair Characterization and Engineering of the Cardiac Stem Cell Niche $1,163,618
New Faculty II: Antoni Ribas Stem Cells for Immune System Regeneration to Fight Cancer $3,072,000
Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling: Brigitte Gomperts Using human induced pluripotent stem cells to improve our understanding of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis $811,231
Basic Biology I: Bennett Novitch Molecular Characterization of hESC and hIPSC-Derived Spinal Motor Neurons $1,229,922
New Faculty I: Kathrin Plath In vitro reprogramming of mouse and human somatic cells to an embryonic state $2,229,427
Major Facilities: Gene Block UCLA CIRM Institute $19,854,900
SEED Grant: Irvin Chen Genetic modification of the human genome to resist HIV-1 infection and/or disease progression $616,800
Training Grant I-1: Owen Witte CIRM Type I Comprehensive Training Program $3,660,398
Tools and Technologies I: Hsian-Rong Tseng Microfluidic Platform for Screening Chemically Defined Conditions that Facilitate Clonal Expansion of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells $914,096
Disease Team Therapy Development III: Donald Kohn Clinical Trial of Stem Cell Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease $13,145,465
Alpha Stem Cell Clinics: John Adams Alpha Stem Cell Clinic (ASCC) Consortium $8,000,000
Early Translational II: Bruno Peault Harnessing native fat-residing stem cells for bone regeneration $5,359,076
Basic Biology III: Kathrin Plath Discovery of mechanisms that control epigenetic states in human reprogramming and pluripotent cells $1,364,598
New Faculty II: Brigitte Gomperts Stem Cells in Lung Cancer $2,381,572
Early Translational IV: Robert Reiter Clinical Development of an N-cadherin Antibody to Target Cancer Stem Cells $4,075,668
Basic Biology I: Michael Teitell Mitochondrial Metabolism in hESC and hiPSC Differentiation, Reprogramming, and Cancer $1,323,029
Tools and Technologies II: Stanley Carmichael Development of a Hydrogel Matrix for Stem Cell Growth and Neural Repair after Stroke $1,825,613
Disease Team Planning: Irvin Chen Stem Cell Therapy for AIDS- Disease Team Planning $51,490
SEED Grant: Siavash Kurdistani Cellular epigenetic diversity as a blueprint for defining the identity and functional potential of human embryonic stem cells $549,698
Disease Team Therapy Development - Research: Antoni Ribas Genetic Re-programming of Stem Cells to Fight Cancer $19,875,776
Tools and Technologies I: Michael Phelps Novel Tools and Technologies for Translational PET Imaging of Cell-based Therapies $914,039
Disease Team Therapy Development III: Dennis Slamon A Phase I dose escalation and expansion clinical trial in patients with advanced solid tumors $6,924,317
Tools and Technologies III: Hanna Mikkola A suite of engineered human pluripotent stem cell lines to facilitate the generation of hematopoietic stem cells $1,382,400
Basic Biology III: William Lowry Molecular determinants of accurate differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells $677,115
Comprehensive Grant: Gay Crooks Regulated Expansion of Lympho-hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells from Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) $1,653,416
Early Translational IV: Zack Jerome Stem Cell Programming With Chimeric Antigen Receptors to Eradicate HIV Infection $4,925,166
Basic Biology II: Douglas Black Programs of alternative splicing regulation by polypyrimidine tract binding protein $1,344,562
Tools and Technologies II: Richard Gatti Use of hiPSCs to develop lead compounds for the treatment of genetic diseases $1,833,054
Disease Team Planning: Stanley Carmichael Development of a Stem Cell Therapy to Promote Functional Recovery in Stroke $42,748
SEED Grant: Noriyuki Kasahara Down-Regulation of Alloreactive Immune Responses to hES Cell-Derived Graft Tissues $399,239
Basic Biology IV: Kathrin Plath Understanding the status of the X chromosomes in human ESCs and preimplantation embryos $1,382,400
Transplantation Immunology: Gay Crooks Engineering Thymic Regeneration to Induce Tolerance $1,235,445
Basic Biology V: Lili Yang Differentiation of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells into iNKT Cells $614,400
Tools and Technologies III: James Dunn Skin-derived precursor cells for the treatment of enteric neuromuscular dysfunction $1,818,751
Disease Team Research I: Donald Kohn Stem Cell Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease $8,833,695
Basic Biology III: Shuo Lin Etsrp/ER71 mediated stem cell differentiation into vascular lineage $1,382,400
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