Patient stories: Hope for stem cell research

Patient Stories: Hope for stem cell research

Spotlights on Disease

These patients have shared their stories with our governing board and as part of other public meetings. Here you can read about their hopes for a cure, along with updates from CIRM grantees studying these diseases.

Sickle Cell Disease/Enfermedad de células falsiformes

Read Adrienne's story
Lea la historia de Adrienne


Read Maria's story
Lea la historia de María

Alzheimer's Disease/Enfermedad de Alzheimer

Read Lauren's story
Lea la historia de Lauren

Stroke/Derrame cerebral

Read Sonia's story
Lea la historia de Sonia

Spinal Cord Injury/Lesión de la médula espinal

Read Katie's story
Lea la historia de Katie


Read Theresa's story
Lea la historia de Theresa

Heart Disease

Read Joshua's story
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Liver Disease

Read Vanessa's story
Watch videos

Multiple Sclerosis

Read Nan's story
Watch videos

Bone repair

Read Diana's story
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Read Laureen's story
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Sickle Cell Disease

Read Nancy's story
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Heart Failure

Read Fred's story
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Neuromyolitis Optica (NMO or Devic's disease)

Read Victoria's story
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Read Fred's story
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Michael Cooper - Spotlight on Stroke

Macular Degeneration

Read Sharon's story
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Sharon Hayes - Spotlight on Blindness

Alzheimer's Disease

Read Dick's story
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Dick Mora - Spotlight on Alzheimer's Disease


Read Barbara's story
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Barbara D'amico - Spotlight on Arthritis

ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Read Dan's story
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Spotlight on ALS - Dan Desmond

Huntington's Disease

Read Sherry's story
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Sherry - Spotlight on Huntington's Disease


Read Loring's story
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Loring Leeds - Spotlight on HIV/AIDS

Epidermolsys Bullosa

Read Lynn's story
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Christine Anderson - Spotlight on Epidermolysis Bullosa

Batten Disease

Read Drew's story
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Read Joelle's story
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Huntington's Disease

Read Francis' story
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Parkinson's Disease

Read Bruce's story
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Read Diane's story
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