Job creation

Job creation

CIRM's funding of stem cell research has the primary goal of generating new therapies, but those funds also create new jobs for people in California.

In 2012 we asked an independent analyst to look at the jobs that would be created by the awards that we'd funded up to that point. Those awards represented our first $1.2 billion in funding.

The analyst predicted that our funding would have generated 38,000 job-years by 2014. Job-years is economist speak that takes into account the fact that some jobs created would be short-term, like construction jobs to build our Major Facilities, and others would be longer-term jobs. Overall, our funding will have created 38,000 individual years of employment for people in California.

The original economic impact report from 2010 and the updated 2012 report are both on our Publications page. There's more information about it the findings on the press release announcing the 2012 report.


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