Functional endothelial cells from human embryonic stem cells for therapeutic vasculogenesis

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SEED Grant
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Public Abstract: 

The work proposed here will explore stem and progenitor cell populations important for therapeutic angiogenesis and vasculogenesis (new blood vessel growth). This work is especially relevant to cardiac repair following a heart attack, but will contribute to the building a vascular supply for tissue enginneered organs.

Statement of Benefit to California: 

The research proposed here could result in new techniques and methodology for the differentiation of endothelial cells optimal for therapeutic vasculogenesis. The citizens of California could benefit from this research in three ways. Some may benefit from the potential for new medical therapies. Others may benefit indirectly from the potential for these technologies to bring new business ventures to the state of California. The third benefit is the education of the students involved in this study, especially in the Central Valley.