Center for Population and Functional Genomics in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

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Genomics Centers of Excellence Awards (R)
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Genomics describes a branch of biology that seeks to understand the relationship between the DNA of many people and traits those people have. If person A and person B are not identical twins they’ll have many small differences in their DNAs. If person A gets a disease and person B does not, it could be due to one or more of these differences, and that’s what genomics seeks to try to determine. This Stem Cell Genomics Center of Excellence uses robotic tools and computers to test many combinations of differences in stem cells from humans to develop or improve human therapies. This Center tries to accomplish this by characterizing differences in protein expression signals – instructions for traits that come from a person’s DNA - in cancer-related stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells for example. The hope is that in so doing the Center can find differences that explain why, for example, stem cell responses to drugs differ so profoundly both between individuals and even within them. Given the quality and number of excellent California researchers in the stem cell field, the Center also opens its doors to collaboration for other stem cell and regenerative medicine research projects.

Statement of Benefit to California: 

[Redacted] was founded [Redacted] and is centered within a biomedical research hub [Redacted]. Since its inception, [Redacted] has adopted a singular vision to drive new biological insight and accelerate the pace of drug discovery through the creative application of technology and co-located, multidisciplinary expertise. In this regard, [Redacted] has brought together over 450 experts that provide a breadth of capabilities across genomics, biology, informatics, engineering and chemistry that work collaboratively to discover innovative medicines that address unmet medical need. To accomplish this mission, [Redacted] has extensively collaborated with world-renowned research institutions throughout CA and the proposed Stem Cell Center of Excellence seeks to further expand these research ties. To this end, [Redacted] will specifically dedicate over one-third of the total award to leverage our extensive expertise, cutting-edge technologies, data management and drug-discovery infrastructure to advance CA-based research investigator objectives and provide resulting data freely to the scientific community. We firmly believe that our unique infrastructure and history of executing successful collaborations with CA institutions will provide an incomparable environment to catalyze the pursuit of critical, transformative, translational and data intensive genomics research in the areas of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and genomics.