The Cedars-Sinai International Stem Cell Research Institute Shared Laboratory Facilities

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Shared Labs
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We have established the International Stem Cell Institue at Cedars-Sinai to facilitate stem cell research, including reesearch on human embryonic stem cells. The International Stem Cell Institute will advance both basic research and clinical applications of stem cell research. To aid in these goals, we have already established a central laboratory to isolate new human embryonic stem cell lines. Some of these cell lines will be normal cells, others will be genetically defective cells. In addition, we will develop “good manufacturing practice” (GMP) cell lines. All of these will be important for the stem cell research to succeed at Cedars-Sinai.

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has issued a Request for Proposals that seeks applications that propose to develop shared research laboratory facilities. Here we request funding for major equipment items, personnel, and renovation costs to create a shared tissue culture core facility that will be available both to investigators at Cedars-Sinai and also to investigators from other institutions in our area. Three specific institutions that have expressed desire to utilize our proposed core facility are California State University Northridge, Mount St. Mary’s College, and Occidental College. The proposed shared research lab will have four subsections: a cell derivation laboratory, an imaging laboratory, a cell sorting facility, and a laboratory that will produce cells free of animal products that could be utilized in human clinical studies. Our shared facility will enhance stem cell research at Cedars-Sinai, and will encourage partnerships with investigators at nearby institutions. Ultimately, our research efforts will develop and and test potential beneficial applications of stem cells in the treatment of human diseases.

Statement of Benefit to California: 

The proposed CSMC Shared Stem Cell Research Laboratory will benefit the State of California and its citizens by facilitating development of translational stem cell research applications. Cedars-Sinai already has prominent stem cell investigators, and as a result, our facility will assure that CIRM funds are utilized in high quality stem cell research applications. Our outreach efforts to less well-developed stem cell research programs at neighboring institutions will help increase the number of investigators and institutions that can conduct quality stem cell research, and will thus expand the stem cell research community in California.