Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Therapy for Acute Lung Injury

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Disease Team Planning
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Public Abstract: 

Human amniotic fluid stem cells are a reliable and scalable source of ethically neutral stem cells for tissue protection and repair. ALI is a serious lung disease that is refractory to current supportive therapy including surfactant and corticosteroids. Recent work by others and us supports the concept that ALI may be amenable to stem cell therapy with hAFSC during the acute phase. We propose an ALI disease team planning award based on the concepts that:
AFSC are efficiently taken up and can integrate into the lung following intravenous injection.
The efficiency of lung uptake and integration is increased following acute lung injury.
Tissue injury can be ameliorated following AFSC intravenous injection.
Because of its high incidence, acute nature, severity and fatality, ALI is a near ideal candidate disease to advance CIRM’s primary goal for the Disease Team Initiative, advancing a stem cell-derived therapy or diagnostic toward the clinic.

Statement of Benefit to California: 

Developing a stem cell therapy program on human amniotic stem cells for acute lung disease in California will provide an access advantage to the people of California for this new therapy. It will also provide a competitive advantage for development of an amniotic fluid stem cell based biotechnology in California.