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Where our funding goes

CIRM funds stem cell research at California institutions. Here you can search all of our funded awards, see who our grantees are either in a list or on a California map, see charts showing how our funding is allocated, and see a list of our rounds of funding with the numbers of awards and total funding for each round.

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CIRM provides information about our awards, including the disease under investigation and the stem cell type being used by the researchers. Browse this list to see all of our awards and to search for awards by disease, cell type or institution.

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Funding commitments

CIRM's governing board commits to funding multi-year awards and has also made commitments to future initiatives. This list shows all of CIRM's funding commitments, and also provides information about how much of our funds have been dispersed to-date.

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Institutions we've funded

We have provided grants to institutions throughout California. This list shows which institutions have received funding, and gives total awards and funding to each institution.

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People we've funded

Our grantees are international experts in stem cell research, many of whom have developed therapies and made critical advances towards therapies in a wide range of diseases.

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Where we've funded

CIRM funds stem cell research, training and facilities grants throughout California. This interactive map shows where that funding is going.

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Funding allocation charts

These charts show how much of CIRM's funding has been distributed to different disease areas and stem cell types.

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